Introduction to Journalism






Write a comment piece on an issue around democracy or the BBC Democracy season. You could base it on a programme, discuss the series or some of the events planned around the season.

400 – 600 words.

You need a strong argument throughout backed up with facts, examples or real life anecdotes.  Aim to write with entertaining and persuasive language.

Your argument can be serious or light-hearted but you must write persuasively and with conviction.

Specify what publication you would imagine it being published – this could be a broadsheet newspaper, tabloid paper, magazine or online site.

Visit the BBC Democracy Season. 



Here is an outline for all the portfolio work needed for the Autumn term. If you have fallen behind or have doubts about anything, please talk to me in class or send an email.




Just wanted to highlight a few interesting things you may want to catch on TV or radio.


Try listening to Serial – it’s a great real-life drama on radio about the murder of a teenage girl. I’m recommending it as it’s an amazing piece of journalism which makes gripping listening.

It’s become a huge hit and lots of people are talking about it as a new phenomenon in reporting. You can download it onto your phones.

Here’s the link

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

This starts next Weds and I’m recommending you watch it as it will cover some aspects of journalism law such as contempt of court and libel. I’ve not seen it but the Jefferies case is a good example of bad journalism in reference to the law and so should be interesting.

Hot Gossip

This is a series but I’ve only listened to this one. It’s an interesting look at the importance of gossip, why people gossip about celebrities and I think provides an interesting argument to why reporting will always have a place in our society.




This week we looked into copyright.

We also discussed the supplement to be produced on Xmas Eve.

The deadline is  10 December.

Please send a pitch with your story outlined in two sentences. Outline what images would accompany the story.



1. Recording information

2. Interview someone interesting and write an article about them – 400 words (This piece can also be submitted in the recording information module. (How to ask the right questions module)

3. Post three head and shoulder images on your blog (Photography)

4. Post three group shots in different poses (Photography)

5.  A short piece on why Mrs Clooney is linked to the Elgin Marbles. (Research)

6.  Post your vox pop with images, personal info and quotes. (How to ask the right questions module)


Week 9 – Nov 19 2014

This week we are going to The Argus offices at Hollingbury.

Please meet at 2.15pm in reception at the offices.

We will have a look around the offices and then discuss what is needed for the Youth In Action supplement.




Week 7

This week we are carrying out a vox pop at Jubilee Square, Brighton. The subject matter will be ‘Should 16 year olds be allowed to vote ?’

Go to this post to find some interesting articles on the subject



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