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Writing first person blogs


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Write a ‘confessional ‘ blog on an issue or topic which is important to you.  Write no more than 500 words. Ensure the language is emotive and full of colour. It must be a first person piece and written from your perspective.

Deadline 13 April

Here are some articles and links to other blogs – there are many more out there. Try Googling a subject you are interested in and see what else is out there.

Guardian article on the confessional blog

Liz Jones

Tim Dowling


Example of a cancer sufferer blog

Lisa B Adams

Student Lifestyle Blogs UK Top 10

  1. Puravidastudent
  2. #GingerSnapBlog
  3. Life and Times of a Student
  4. The Life and Loves of Ninegrandstudent
  5. The Diary of a Poor Girl
  6. Student Fashion
  7. The Student Blogger
  8. The Scrimpy Student
  9. The Confessions of a Professional Drama Queen

10.The World According to Charlotte Coster

 Journalism Blogs UK Top 10

  1. Media Guido
  2. fleet street fox
  3. The Media Blog
  4. Online Journalism Blog
  5. Wannabe Hacks
  6. Jon Slattery
  7. Polis
  8. David Higgerson
  9. Sands Media Services

10.Headlines and Deadlines

Mental health issues at school and college


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