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Some vital info about using images in print and online.


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"Photographer" by Nicolás García - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

1.You need to check the properties of your image before you take a picture. Set your camera on a medium or large setting. You can reduce an image but it’s difficult to make larger.

2.These are the measurements used for photo file sizes. (smallest first)

File sizes

byte – B

kilobyte – Kb

megabyte – Mb

gigabyte – Gb


3.On a website – Horizontal works better than upright/vertical

4.When using thumbnails, remember the picture  still needs to tell a story – think about the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame.

5.Learn how to edit images – before you put them onto your site.  Here are some photo editing sites to try.

Photo formatting apps

Professionals editing sites

Photoshop (Photoshop Elements – cheaper)


Photo Mechanic – captions

Or free apps

Shrink Pictures





This is a very rough guide to the sizes you will need for print or websites.  Always ask the publication you are working for what sizes they need.


Resolution Pixels File size
Website 72dpi – 300dpi Longest side – can use if less than 1000 pixels Approx. 50kb
A4 or Newspaper 150 -300dpi minimum Longest side – 2000 pixels minimum 1-2 mb after compression.


Most cameras after 2008 use this size as default.

Glossy mags and high end brochures 400dpi – 600dpi


Some articles to help explain this in more detail.



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