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Three things I’ve learnt about social media at The Bridge


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I’ve been teaching social media at The Bridge in Moulsecoomb for the last ten weeks. As a final exercise, we’re all writing a post about what we’ve learnt  which we’ll then Tweet and post on Facebook. I thought I’d also put my thoughts about what I’ve learnt while delivering the course.

1. The Bridge is an amazing, friendly place providing some interesting courses for local people.  Each week I’ve had my lunch at the cafe, which offers extremely good value food and some excellent cakes. The chocolate and chilli cake remains a highlight.  The Bridge are running a fund-raising campaign with a matching scheme. Do donate if you can.

2. When it comes to social media, Facebook is much easier to understand than Twitter. Everyone seems to understand why it’s great to chat to friends and family on Facebook. It’s interface is friendly and more intuitive. The case for Twitter is harder to make and is more complicated to explain.  Many people don’t understand why they would need to send messages out to everyone. The learners who have signed up for Tweetdeck seem to have ‘cracked’ Twitter and can understand it’s an amazing resource for learning, information and entertainment, rather than a place to shout about your views or sell something.

3. Sometimes, the biggest barrier to social media is just remembering the passwords.  If you can’t remember the username and password, the desire to get involved quickly evaporates.




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