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Introduction to defamation law for journalists


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Anyone who attends my training courses whether it is for blogging, journalism or PR will enjoy or endure my short session on law for journalists.

I think libel law is fascinating – it’s all in the nuances of words and interesting for a journalist who should be interested in such things. It’s also really important to know if you are publishing whether in print, online or through social media.

There’s no defence in law to say you didn’t know about such things. The central thing to remember is to think and double-check before publishing. Always ask yourself if it is true and if you can prove it.

Here is my presentation on defamation.

An introduction to defamation

Here are some further articles on defamation

BBC Journalism academy article on defamation

Press Gazette with information on changes to defamation law

Top ten hints on how to avoid libel


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